Interdisciplinary Symposium on

Computational Methods for
Flow Phenomena

Fluid Flow | Particle Flow | Energy Flow

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Santiago, Chile

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A forum for researchers working on computational methods at the intersection of applied mathematics, engineering, physics and geography

The scientific challenges we face today can only be effectively addressed through interdisciplinary collaborations. The purpose of the symposium is to connect researchers from different scientific fields related to computational science and engineering. Numerical algorithms are very powerful as predictive tools for many flow phenomena. This symposium aims to catalyse the interaction between users and developers of computational methods for fluid flow, particle flow, and energy flow with applications to engineering, physics, climate science and others.

The symposium will take place on December 13, 2017, at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and everyone is welcome to attend, free of charge.

We request you to register below in order for us to plan in advance.

Organizing Committee

Elwin van 't Wout
Institute for Mathematical and Computational Engineering, UC

Fabrice Lambert
Institute of Geography, UC

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Message after symposium

The symposium was well attended by academics and students from different universities. The participants have been able to enjoy high-quality presentations of the international keynote speaker and the invited speakers from Chile. The interdisciplinary character of the symposium was very well appreciated and brought together researchers from different fields, such as applied mathematics, climate modelling, medical physics, fire dynamics, and turbulent flows.

The organizers would like to thank all presenters and attendants for their valuable participication to the symposium and we are looking forward to future events in the IMC-UC Symposium Series on Computational Science and Engineering.


Keynote Speaker

Harmen van der Ven (Netherlands Aerospace Centre NLR, Amsterdam)

Harmen van der Ven is a Senior Scientist at the Flight Physics and Loads department of the Netherlands Aerospace Centre in Amsterdam. His research interests are in the application of computational science to aerospace engineering, in specific the development of fast and accurate numerical algorithms for fluid dynamics, electromagnetics, and mechanical engineering. In the field of computational fluid dynamics, his main research focus is on efficient numerical algorithms for aeroelasticity with application to rotorcraft design.

Invited Speakers

Héctor Jorquera
(Chemical and Environmental Engineering, UC)

Wolfram Jahn
(Mechanical Engineering, UC)

Wernher Brevis
(Hydraulic Engineering, UC)

Julio Sotelo
(Biomedical Imaging, UC)

Grigory Panassenko
(Université Lyon, France and CMM, Universidad de Chile)

Nicolás Huneeus
(Geophysics, Universidad de Chile)

Joao Caldas
(Marine Energy, UC)


Even though the symposium is open to all public at no cost, we request you to register so that we can plan ahead.



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